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If, as Christians, we believe that peace is rooted in Christ, then how we build that peace within us, in one way, is through the disciplines of solitude and silence; through spending time with God.
One only needs to read through comment sections to witness the carnage of online religious wars. Shielded by anonymity and distance afforded by the screen, religious people prove themselves capable of dishing out the harshest of vitriol.
Love one another. Be compassionate. Care for the needy without hesitation. Heal the hurting. Forgive. Put away all weapons and all judgment.

How Soccer Differs from the World of Partisan Politics (By Tom Ehrich)

Good read to ponder while you watch today’s final four match, starting right…now.

Ideally, we outgrow much of our childishness and maintain many of our childlike qualities. It’s a lifelong process. … Power and privilege tap into the childish mindset: If you don’t do as I wish or give me what I want, I will fire you or excommunicate you. I‘ll get you exiled from the playhouse.